Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Lieutenant
Regiment/Service: General List
Secondary Regiment: Nigeria Regiment, W.A.F.F.
Secondary Unit Text: attd. 3rd Bn.
Date of Death: 09/12/1915 (probate lists as 9/10/1915)
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Died on duty in the Cameroons but whiule the CWGC lists his date of death as 09/12/1915, probate and history shows it as 09/10/1915

Capture of Wumbiagas, 9th October 1915
Haywood then sent Rose instructions to try to reach the right rear ofthe Wumbiagas position by 1600 hours on the 8th October. Owing to delays caused by the state of the terrain this proved impossible and the attackwas postponed till next day. Meanwhile a careful personal reconnaissance showed the enemy's position lay about 100 yards behind the east bank of the Mbila River, extending for some 1,600 yards from a high ridge on its right to the Kele River, 600 yards south of the road, on its left. The ground had been cleared of thick bush for about 500 yards to afford a good field of fire. The whole position was strongly entrenched . At 0530 hours next day the attack started. After feeling for a 'soft spot all along the front, Haywood decided on reinforcing his left while contain–ing the rest of the line. The guns had come into action first on our right ,but were then switched to the centre and left to support the main attack. About 1500 hours Rose's gun was heard ; a heavy bombardment was then concentrated on our left, followed by an assault by the whole of Haywood's column. By 1600 hours the enemy's fire was mastered to a great extent and a portion of the British centre had managed to wade across the waist–deep Mbila (the bridge having been destroyed). This body was quickly supported and the trenches rushed. The enemy had, however, made good his retreat and the British, who pursued till dusk, only encountered small hostile parties. Rose had been much delayed by the difficulties of the ground. Reaching the Mbila at 0930 hours he sent his baggage and supplies under escort toNdupe and pushed on as rapidly as ;possible through the hilly country lying to the north of the Wumbiagas position. Here about noon he en–countered parties of Germans retreating. Having sent a message to  Haywood he bivouacked for the night about 1615 hours. Total British casualties were 31, of which 11 were in Rose's column. The20 in Haywood's column included Lieutenant W. H. Cathie, 2 Nigeria Regiment, killed; Lieutenants H. N. Steptoe and R. V. Trengrouse (2Nigeria Regiment), Lieutenant T. Vise (Nigerian Battery) and Dr. K. K.Grieve (West African Medical Service) wounded. The enemy's losses werenot known; his strength appeared to have been Nos. 1 Depot, 3 and 4Reserve Companies, with three machine guns totalling about 450 rifles.
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